Hi Martin,

Can you do a couple of tests for me?

1. Disarm all tracks manually.

Confirm by press record, and make sure you get a dialog that says no 
tracks are record enabled.

If you go to edit window > Transport view cluster > Normal Transport 
Buttons, can you find something that says "Record Enable Status LED?"

2. Then arm one track

Go to edit window > Transport view cluster > Normal Transport Buttons 
and see if you can find something that says "Track Record Enabled."

There's also button that says "Record Enable," but we're looking for 
"Track Record Enabled.

Let me know.



On 10/16/2016 4:30 AM, Martin (Punky) Sopart wrote:
> Hi!
> Now in addition to ProTools I set Yousemite to English and teh region to US.
> So everything is in English now.
> But option+shift+r,r is still not working.
> Only the audiosignal for the action is sounding, but no speech message and no 
> action after that.
> At the moment I’m running Yosemite and PT 12.4.0.
> It is not PT HD.
> Thanks! / Martin

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