Yeah it looks like the particular script is failing somewhere in the 
middle since you can hear the alert tone. I need some log from you.

Open Keyboard Maestro, and check edit if it's not checked. Edit is near 
the end of the Window.

Go find macro groups scroll area and interact with it.

press vo+space on Flo Tools group.

Stop interact with Macro Groups and go to Macros scroll area and 
interact with it.

Find the macro that says "Beta: Speak Record Enabled Tracks, Disarm All 
Record Enabled Tracks" and press vo+space on it.

Press tap and it'll say image, and now you're inside Macro Edit details 
scroll area.

Find Execute Javascript for Automation Action group and interact with it.
Find Ignore result pop-up button and press vo+space to open the popup menu.
Choose display result in a window.
If you can't find the popup button, make sure the first item in there 
indicates expanded disclosure triangle. If not vo+space to expand it.
Now switch to Pro Tools, and run the command.
If it fails, keyboard Maestro should open a window, and you should be 
able to find the output text right after the label ""The output of the 
text script is."
If voiceover doesn't get focused on the output window, press vo+f2 twice 
to open window chooser, and you should be able to find keyboard maestro 
window along with edit and mix windows.
Interact with the element that says "text," and press command+a to 
select all, and command+c to copy.
After that you can press ok button to dismiss it.
Can you give me the output for both option+shift+r single tap as well as 
double tap?
When you're done you can go back to the macro edit detail scroll area, 
execute Javascript for automation, and change it to ignore result again.

On 10/16/2016 1:35 PM, Martin (Punky) Sopart wrote:
> Hi Chi!
> How I wrote in my first mail regarding this topic, all other functions for 
> all tracks are working.
> Unmuting, unsoloing and unselecting.
> Pressing the keycombination once brings the expected message and pressing it 
> twice, brings the audio signal and the message, that all tracks are unmuted, 
> -soloed or -selected.
> Only option+shift+r does nothing. Only the audio signal when pressing the key 
> combination twice.
> Yes, and I’m abel to arm/unarm the current inspector track with double r.
> The message is not always correct, but thats the beta thing, but when 
> checking the arm status by interacting with the track, the function works in 
> both edit and mix windows.
> Could I test something else?
> Best! & Martin

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