That's strange. Few more questions...

Are you able to use the Flo Tools inspector mode to arm and disarm an 
individual track by double tapping r quickly?

Also, are you able to unmute and unsolo all shown tracks using Flo Tools?

On 10/16/2016 1:06 PM, Martin (Punky) Sopart wrote:
> Hi Chii!
> Thanks for assisting me.
> After disarming all track manually I get the expected message, when pressing 
> numpad+3.
> I also find the Record Enable status LED. It’s the first object inside the 
> “normal transport buttons”.
> When than arming  a selected track via shift+r, that LED changes to Track 
> Record Enabled.
> So everything seams to be correct.
> When now pressing option+shift+t, FT announces 1 selected…
> Pressing option+shift+r, does nothing.
> Pressing it twice, only brings that little sound.
> Pressing shift+r changes Track Record Enabled back to Record Enable status 
> LED again.
> Could this belong to Yosemite?
> Or maybe a special mouse setting?
> Or is it at least PT 12.4  non HD?
> Thank you! / Martin

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