This seems like a good plan. I'll make the changes to the code and docs - I don't want you to do all the work Graham. ;)


Graham Dumpleton (JIRA) wrote:
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Graham Dumpleton commented on MODPYTHON-127:

Okay, lets not use camel case and where a sub namespace is required, it should 
refer to the concept of what is being implemented as opposed to a specific 
class name. Thus two general forms would be:


Thus: # class PSP PSPDbmCache ==> mod_python.psp.cache_database_filename # class BaseSession session_cookie_name ==> mod_python.session.cookie_name ApplicationPath ==> mod_python.session.application_path # class DbmSession session_dbm ==> mod_python.dbm_session.database_filename session_directory ==> mod_python.dbm_session.database_directory # class FileSession session_fast_cleanup ==> mod_python.file_session.enable_fast_cleanup session_verify_cleanup ==> mod_python.file_session.verify_session_timeout session_grace_period ==> mod_python.file_session.cleanup_grace_period session_cleanup_time_limit ==> mod_python.file_session.cleanup_time_limit session_directory ==> mod_python.file_session.database_directory # class Session session ==> mod_python.session.session_type
Documentation would state that any option of form mod_python.* is reserved for 
mod_python use. Documentation should also encourage users when creating add-ons 
to use their own namespace qualifier and not pollute the global namespace.

In respect of backward compatibility for old option names, although it would be 
logical to support old names, I would suggest we add an option:


For now this would default to "1" indicating that old names would still be supported. It 
could though be used to turn off acceptance of old names. Come the next major version, I would 
suggest the default for this option change to "0" indicating that by default old names 
would not be accepted. At that time if you really need to use the old names, then you can enable 
the support.

Use namespace for mod_python PythonOption settings.

         Key: MODPYTHON-127
     Project: mod_python
        Type: Improvement

  Components: core
    Versions: 3.3
    Reporter: Graham Dumpleton

In the interests of avoiding name clashes, I want to push that where mod_python 
uses its own PythonOption settings, that they use a namespace. For example:
    PythonOption mod_python.session_cookie_name ...
    PythonOption mod_python.ApplicationPath ...
    PythonOption mod_python.session_dbm ...
    PythonOption mod_python.session_fast_cleanup ...
    etc ....
If appropriate for mod_python, multiple levels of naming should be used. For example, 
"session_fast_cleanup" is actually related to FileSession, so perhaps it should 
  PythonOption mod_python.Session.cookie_name ...
  PythonOption mod_python.Session.application_path ...
  PythonOption mod_python.DbmSession.database ...
  PythonOption mod_python.FileSession.fast_cleanup ...
Thus, class name is interjected as second level in name. Also would like to see 
final attribute name settle on lower case with underscore between distinct 
We can support old names in mod_python for the time being but should deprecate 
Any third party package developers should be strongly encouraged to also put 
any of their own PythonOption settings names in their own unique namespace.
Mailing list thread where this was first proposed, and in case there were 
followups of interest, was:

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