Graham Dumpleton (JIRA) wrote:
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> Graham Dumpleton updated MODPYTHON-127:
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>     Fix Version/s: 3.3
> Lets target this to be done for 3.3. We just need some agreement that 
> proposed names are okay, plus a consensus on how we go about deprecating old 
> names. Do we have an option now which if enabled prohibits use of old names 
> and outputs some sort of warning if they are, or do we do something else?

Forgive the LaTex. Here is a list that I had started to compile. We'll
need to audit the affected bits of code to make sure they are actually
using the new namespace. I haven't given any thought to the deprecation
process though.


\strong{Reserved PythonOption Keywords}

Some PythonOption keywords are used for configuring various aspects of
mod_python. Any keyword starting with mod_python.* should be considered
as reserved for internal mod_python use.

Users are encouraged to use their own namespace qualifiers when creating
add-on modules, and not pollute the global namespace.

The following PythonOption keys are currently used by mod_python.

% Note - Make sure you put a space character in any empty tables cells.
%        Otherwise the formatting will be messed up.
\begin{tableiii}{l|c|l}{textrm}{Key}{Required Value}{Notes}
  \lineiii{mod_python.future.importer}{*}{Enables the experimental
module importer.}
  \lineiii{mod_python.mutex_directory}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.mutex_locks}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.psp.cache_database_filename}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.session.session.session_type}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.session.cookie_name}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.session.application_path}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.dbm_session.database_filename}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.enable_fast_cleanup}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.verify_session_timeout}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.cleanup_grace_period}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.cleanup_time_limit}{ }{ }

  \lineiii{session}{ }{Deprecated, use mod_python.session.session_type}
  \lineiii{session_directory}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{session_fast_cleanup}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{session_grace_period}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{session_verify_cleanup}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{mod_python.}{ }{ }

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