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Graham Dumpleton (JIRA) wrote:
     [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MODPYTHON-127?page=all ]

Graham Dumpleton updated MODPYTHON-127:

    Fix Version/s: 3.3

Lets target this to be done for 3.3. We just need some agreement that proposed names are okay, plus a consensus on how we go about deprecating old names. Do we have an option now which if enabled prohibits use of old names and outputs some sort of warning if they are, or do we do something else?

Forgive the LaTex. Here is a list that I had started to compile. We'll
need to audit the affected bits of code to make sure they are actually
using the new namespace. I haven't given any thought to the deprecation
process though.


---------------------------------------------------------------------- --
\strong{Reserved PythonOption Keywords}

Some PythonOption keywords are used for configuring various aspects of
mod_python. Any keyword starting with mod_python.* should be considered
as reserved for internal mod_python use.

Users are encouraged to use their own namespace qualifiers when creating
add-on modules, and not pollute the global namespace.

The following PythonOption keys are currently used by mod_python.

% Note - Make sure you put a space character in any empty tables cells.
%        Otherwise the formatting will be messed up.
\begin{tableiii}{l|c|l}{textrm}{Key}{Required Value}{Notes}
  \lineiii{mod_python.future.importer}{*}{Enables the experimental
module importer.}
  \lineiii{mod_python.mutex_directory}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.mutex_locks}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.psp.cache_database_filename}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.session.session.session_type}{ }{ }

Presume you meant:

   \lineiii{mod_python.session.session_type}{ }{ }

Anyway, am going to start making the changes to the code.

Will support both old and new option names and unless I am
inspired will not do anything about deprecation warnings in
this version.

  \lineiii{mod_python.session.cookie_name}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.session.application_path}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.dbm_session.database_filename}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.enable_fast_cleanup}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.verify_session_timeout}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.cleanup_grace_period}{ }{ }
  \lineiii{mod_python.file_session.cleanup_time_limit}{ }{ }

\lineiii{session}{ }{Deprecated, use mod_python.session.session_type}
  \lineiii{session_directory}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{session_fast_cleanup}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{session_grace_period}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{session_verify_cleanup}{ }{Deprecated, use
  \lineiii{mod_python.}{ }{ }

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