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> Hello,
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> > I believe I'm not the only one with this question but, how is Strunk &
> > White connected with white supremacy?
> I wouldn't be surprised if the only connection between them is the word
> "white".

It's not Strunk and White per se, it's the idea of enforcing "standard
English", where "standard" here means "talks like a American with an
Ivy league education".

You all are displaying breathtakingly levels of ignorance here.
There's nothing wrong with being ignorant – we can't be experts in
everything, and your education probably didn't spend a lot of time
talking about the long history of language "standards" and the many
ways they've been used, intentionally, systematically, and violently
to enforce racist/classist/etc. policies. But using a thread on
python-dev to make clueless speculations like this is *incredibly*
inappropriate and offensive.

I'm not going to try to educate you on that history – it's completely
off-topic for this list, and you can do your own work if you care to.
But let's let this thread die here.


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