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> > > I believe I'm not the only one with this question but, how is
> > > Strunk & White connected with white supremacy?  
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> > I wouldn't be surprised if the only connection between them is the
> > word "white".  
> It's not Strunk and White per se, it's the idea of enforcing "standard
> English", where "standard" here means "talks like a American with an
> Ivy league education".

Someone might wonder why 2 US American people (the author of the commit
message and yourself), in the wake of events happening in that country,
take so much effort to untangle the situation with English usage for
people for whom English is not native. But not me. Events happen (in
the whole world, not just a particular country), and in general I
consider having opinions is quite normal. And thanks for yours.

> You all are displaying breathtakingly levels of ignorance here.
> There's nothing wrong with being ignorant – we can't be experts in
> everything, and your education probably didn't spend a lot of time
> talking about the long history of language "standards" and the many
> ways they've been used, intentionally, systematically, and violently
> to enforce racist/classist/etc. policies. But using a thread on
> python-dev to make clueless speculations like this is *incredibly*
> inappropriate and offensive.
> I'm not going to try to educate you

Dude, you totally aren't going to. So please leave your supremacist,
center-of-the-world patronizing tone behind. Thank you. 

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