Rustom Mody <>:

> And yet you routinely find people on this list recommending writing
> python to using a GUI-builder. On the one hand I am tempted to say
> "Sheesh!!" On the other, maybe the builders are still too
> half-assed... Dunno

That's like diagnosing cancer without invasive procedures, lab tests and
interviews: the doctor should be able to look at how pale you look and
if your skin has any funny bulges.

Thing is, programs and even text documents and spreadsheets have a lot
more abstract structure, dynamics and dependencies than the visible
fa├žade. Block diagrams and graphics can be great presentation tools, but
nothing beats text in concise, explicit expressiveness.

An everyday example: a word processor displays the word "hello" with
"hel" in boldface and "lo" in italics. You put the cursor between the
l's and type a letter. Should it be in boldface or italics?

Who of you hasn't sworn at a Web editor that gets the formatting all
messed up when you have typed a backspace in the "wrong place?"


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