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> Hello everyone,
> I am new to python.
> I am currently using python 3.3
> With python I got IDLE, but I am not very comfortable with this.
> Please suggest, if we have any free ide for python development.

What operating system are you using? The best IDE for Python is Unix or 


My IDE is to have three GUI windows open:

* A web browser for searching the Internet. Any browser will do, but I 
prefer Firefox.

* A tabbed editor. I prefer kate (KDE 3 version, not KDE 4), but geany is 
also good. At a pinch gedit will do. kwrite is another good editor, but 
not tabbed, and it lacks some of the features of kate.

* An xterm or console app, again with tabs. I like KDE 3's konsole, but 
any modern, configurable, tabbed console will do.

If I'm working collaboratively with others, I'll also have an IRC client 
open, for chatting. Or being distracted, more likely. I'll often also 
have a Unicode character selector open, such as KCharSelect or Gnome 

I open a few tabs in the console:

* At least one tab running in a Python interactive interpreter, for 
testing small snippets of code, running the Python interactive help() 
system, and so forth.

* At least one tab for running my code, or my unit tests.

* Another tab for managing files, including source control (hg or git).

Some people like to do all of this from a single tab, using the screen 
command to manage virtual tabs. I am not one of those people. For the 
same reason, I prefer GUI editors over emacs or vim.

Steven D'Aprano

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