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My IDE is to have three GUI windows open:

* A web browser for searching the Internet. Any browser will do, but I
prefer Firefox.

* A tabbed editor. I prefer kate (KDE 3 version, not KDE 4), but geany is
also good. At a pinch gedit will do. kwrite is another good editor, but
not tabbed, and it lacks some of the features of kate.

* An xterm or console app, again with tabs. I like KDE 3's konsole, but
any modern, configurable, tabbed console will do.

Interesting. I'm entirely the other way; while I'm perfectly happy to use a tabbed browser, I find tabbed editors and tabbed consoles awful to use. I want to have three different sections of code side by side on the screen for comparison. I want to have half a dozen consoles all running different things, all positioned so I can take in the state of those things at a glance. I do not want to be wasting time flicking between this and that, and relying on my relatively poor memory to cache all that information :-)

Then again, I'm not as bad as one former colleague of mine. He reckons that the main advantage of higher resolution screens is that he can tile more 80x40 console windows on them.

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