On 5/28/14 5:43 AM, Sameer Rathoud wrote:

I am currently using python 3.3
With python I got IDLE, but I am not very comfortable with this.
Please suggest, if we have any free ide for python development.

I tend to agree with Chris & Steven on this... a good gnu/linux desktop is the best IDE (debian, xfce, terminals galore)

Early in my unix career I learned VI (now VIM) and find that for most editing jobs (even from remote) --- can't be beat.

OTOH, I would highly recommend getting comfortable with IDLE; especially if you're using 3.3+ / the modern IDLE works, is stable, and has many advantages over just a tabbed editor. It is highly configurable, simple and elegant, not to mention that its written against tkinter with pure python. Today I'm using IDLE for python development almost exclusively.

You no doubt are getting comfortable with python's indentation code blocking delimiting anomaly. IDLE helps with that. Yes, you can use tabs, but you shouldn't (for several reasons, I spare you). Typically the indentation is 4 spaces; IDLE handles this for you automatically (mostly) and allows the 4 spaces to be reconfigured.

The only really irritating aspect of IDLE which I had to get used to was that the interactive REPL provides no way to clear the screen. Its debugging capabilities (and undo levels) more than make up for that tiny small snag.

You will come to appreciate the class path browser, recent files, &c. The default highlight colors are well chosen (they may be changed) and the window size and fonts may be changed. I think IDLE looks good. Its clean, clear, and functional.

I guess what I'm encouraging you to do is be patient with IDLE until you get a grip on it. There's more to it than meets the eye, at first.



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