Sameer Rathoud <> writes:

> I am new to python.
> I am currently using python 3.3

Welcome! You're off to a good start, using Python 3 :-)

> With python I got IDLE, but I am not very comfortable with this.
> Please suggest, if we have any free ide for python development.

What other programming languages are you familiar with?

Learning a programming language is difficult enough. It should *not*
entail all the effort of evaluating and learning a language-specific
IDE; you should already be using an IDE that supports the new language.

I strongly recommend learning *one* IDE which is free software, has good
cross-platform and cross-language support, is mature and flexible.

My IDE is Bash, Screen, and Emacs:

* a terminal, running a GNU Screen session; Screen windows include:

  * Bash in various Screen windows

  * Emacs

  * an automated test runner

  * a database client

You should invest the effort to learn either of Vim or Emacs. They both:

* are free software, ensuring there are no barriers to their continued
  maintenance into the indefinite future;

* mature, ensuring they have survived numerous IDE fads and already
  incorporate a lot of accumulated wisdom;

* cross-platform, working the same on every development operating system

* cross-language, supporting every important programming language and
  hundreds of minor ones.

Learn either one of them, *once*, and you will be able to use the same
toolset for any other languages you need.

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