On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 9:12 AM, Rhodri James <rho...@wildebst.org.uk> wrote:
> On Wed, 28 May 2014 14:04:55 +0100, Steven D'Aprano
> <steve+comp.lang.pyt...@pearwood.info> wrote:
>> My IDE is to have three GUI windows open:
>> * A web browser for searching the Internet. Any browser will do, but I
>> prefer Firefox.
>> * A tabbed editor. I prefer kate (KDE 3 version, not KDE 4), but geany is
>> also good. At a pinch gedit will do. kwrite is another good editor, but
>> not tabbed, and it lacks some of the features of kate.
>> * An xterm or console app, again with tabs. I like KDE 3's konsole, but
>> any modern, configurable, tabbed console will do.
> Interesting.  I'm entirely the other way; while I'm perfectly happy to use a
> tabbed browser, I find tabbed editors and tabbed consoles awful to use.  I
> want to have three different sections of code side by side on the screen for
> comparison.  I want to have half a dozen consoles all running different
> things, all positioned so I can take in the state of those things at a
> glance.  I do not want to be wasting time flicking between this and that,
> and relying on my relatively poor memory to cache all that information :-)
> Then again, I'm not as bad as one former colleague of mine.  He reckons that
> the main advantage of higher resolution screens is that he can tile more
> 80x40 console windows on them.

I'm half way in between. Tabbed web browser, tabbed editor, but all my
terminals/consoles are untabbed. I don't use screen/tmux to have
multiple consoles in one window, I use them to share a console between
two systems (eg ssh to someone else's computer and let him/her watch
what I'm doing). When I switch from terminal to terminal, I use their
position and size to identify them (most of my terminal windows are
80x24; some are full screen; and if I'm working with avconv, I widen
the window to about 110 or 120).

Oh, and I use a tabbed MUD client, which (along with my editor) is
pinned to all Xfce workspaces. But the web browser is Workspace 3
only. Not sure why I do that.


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