Hi Bernd,

On 18/07/16 22:17, Bernd Vogelgesang wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Am 18.07.2016, 10:13 Uhr, schrieb Richard Duivenvoorde
> <rdmaili...@duif.net>:
>> On 17-07-16 22:42, Bernd Vogelgesang wrote:
>>> Hi Angelos,
>>> thanx a lot for the hint. It works!
>>> This is now indeed the third variation of a working setup in a row.
>>> We already had to enable three repositories, then two, and now it's
>>> only
>>> one. Unfortunately the instructions on the download page never
>>> manage to
>>> reflect those changes.
>> I think they do, (or at least we try) but for Ubuntu/Debian there are
>> just a lot of possible options, and trying to describe that clearly [0]
>> apparently does not make it really easier, just because of all the
>> possible options and/or combinations.
> The download page for debian/ubuntu reflects the coders motto:
> Minimize the code!
> But people who are not used to read code have really difficulties
> getting the picture there.
> 1. I am confident, that the biggest part of Ubuntu users would like to
> have a release with the same features as they have if using the
> installer on Windows. The offered release (http://qgis.org/debian)
> does not do this. This is not mentioned anywhere that it lacks
> features. People have to find out by themselves.
> 2. "Release with ubuntugis dependencies" is as cryptic as it can be.
> But it is simply the version most people expect to receive. A full
> sentence of what the differences between the repositories are would
> not let the page explode. Maybe mention that MrSID and ECW is not
> supported in contrary to Windows due to legal issues (and that you
> have to compile stuff to get it)
> 3. The instructions to add the ubuntugis functions are outdated for
> several releases already. I remember it worked with the
> ubuntugis-repository plus the ppa. The next version, I had to add as
> well the debian-repository. The next time, I had to remove  debian
> again. Now it seems it works with the ubuntugis repository only, and
> no ppa.
> If you do not give those explanations, where should they come from then?
> Have mercy and simply add more text. Form follows function. If the
> function breaks the form of the page, then maybe change the design.

I think you already have a quite good idea what information is missing
and how to explain that.

Would you mind writing a proposal?

It can be here found around line 90:

Thanks a lot
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