On 2016-09-01 22:00, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
If your data is not that big, you could use QuickOsm processing scripts
to automate this a bit ( and use a macro at project opening to launch
the processing model you have build combining QuickOsm algs and others
more generic algs to do the job.)
If QuickOsm lacks some features, you should improve this plugin instead
of creating a new one, IMHO.

Agreed, the "live update" could be a very nice addition to QuickOSM
plugin IMHO.
All the best.

i agree with both of you in principle. it depends upon the state of the plugin i guess and the response of the maintainers to pull requests.

can you go into detail or point me to info about "QuickOsm processing scripts"? i know of quickosm, but not the script side of it. i looked at that plugin before writing the first email; i must have missed some key functionality.

cheers for the pointers,

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