Thanks Kimaidou. QuickOSM is also a nice idea, especially for a small area
like 1MB !
You can draw your model in QGIS Processing, look at the end of the video :
I agree is not very convenient to have all these boxes in QuickOSM, one
called "quickquery" would be very appreciated.

Then as Michael said, you can do a macro or just add a custom button to
your model (in the latest processing version)

Don't hesitate to raise an issue or a PR to QuickOSM. A new version of
QuickOSM will be released if needed when you want.
BTW, Paolo, is it possible to get QuickOSM trusted ?


2016-09-01 13:29 GMT+02:00 Robin Paulson <>:

> On 2016-09-01 22:00, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>> If your data is not that big, you could use QuickOsm processing scripts
>>> to automate this a bit ( and use a macro at project opening to launch
>>> the processing model you have build combining QuickOsm algs and others
>>> more generic algs to do the job.)
>>> If QuickOsm lacks some features, you should improve this plugin instead
>>> of creating a new one, IMHO.
>> Agreed, the "live update" could be a very nice addition to QuickOSM
>> plugin IMHO.
>> All the best.
> i agree with both of you in principle. it depends upon the state of the
> plugin i guess and the response of the maintainers to pull requests.
> can you go into detail or point me to info about "QuickOsm processing
> scripts"? i know of quickosm, but not the script side of it. i looked at
> that plugin before writing the first email; i must have missed some key
> functionality.
> cheers for the pointers,
> --
> robin
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