On 14/10/2016 17:34, Bob Spelten wrote:
Op Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:18:31 +0200 schreef pjwitte <pjwi...@online.no>:

Could poeple please tell me what differences there are between the
various language versions of the QPCA2 button utilities or any
other QPAC2 component?

Starting with BUTTON_SLEEP = BUTTON_SCHLAF in German, does the
button frame or any other Thing or component have a language
dependent name that has an affect on how the utility is accessed?
(Mere display information, such as configuration item labelling
etc, is not important in this context.)

Thanks in advance,

As far I can see from Viewing the 3 languages, these are the

 E              G               F
 Things                         Choses
 Button                         Bouton
 Exec                           Exéc
 Wake                           Réveil
 Pick                           Choix
 Files          Dateien         Fichiers
 Channels       Kanäle          Canaux
 Button_Sleep   Button_Schlaf

The 4 keywords are the same for all 3.


Thanks for replies. Perhaps my question was unnecessary general. It seems unlikely that calling Files for Dateien or Fichiers is going to cause many problems. However Button_Sleep and Button Frame are Things that may quite likely be used in a common programs and toolkits, and therefore it matters what they are called.

Tobias suggests that in the German version both Button_Sleep and Button_Schlaf will work. This might mean that Button_Sleep is the default in all languages in addition to local. Or it might mean he has two versions of Qpac2 loaded..

Please EXEP 'Things' ('Choses'?)and take a look to see what these Things are called on your machine, especially if you have a non-English version of QPAC2.

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