Hi Davide,

I'm not sure I understand what you want. You want to be able to read a physical Qubide formatted disk, not just an image file?

Perhaps the best way would be to copy (via "dd") the disk to an image file and work off that.



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Hi Wolfgang,

Very nice, that was indeed one of my "most wanted" utilities. I am almost
over recovering the content of a hard disk from a Sinclair QL-Qubide system
to a WIN file via QXL. This took quite some due to the file numbers and
sizes with the bottleneck of the network speed which in any case proved to
be extremely reliable. Of course it is not so easy these days to find a QXL
and even more a host PC with ISA bus. The only other alternatives without a
QXL would have been floppy disks or sernet which however looks not as easy
as the network port to be configured also on the hw side (cables, wiring

Having a utility which could read/write WIN files and read (which for me
would be more then sufficient) Qubide formatted hard drives on a standard PC
would be really great.



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Hi all,

I've released QxlwinReader, a small java program that allows you to
read/write qxl.win type container files directly.

There is also experimental support for Qubide formatted ("BDI") container


Have fun!

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