Hi Davide,

Just to try and clear up some things about QxlwinReader.

This program reads Qubide image files. These are copies of a whole qubide disk, copied to a simple file. I should indeed have mentioned in my reply to you that the "dd" program I referred to is a utility that comes as standard with Linux and allows you to copy all or part of the content of some device to a simple file on another device. As others have mentioned, something similar also seems to exist for windows, though I have never tried that.

QxlwinReader cannot, and will never be able to, read a disk directly. To do that, I would either have to be able to access a real disk for a raw read/write which, unless I'm mistaken, java doesn't allow me to do (at least not in an OS independent way), or write a filesystem driver: one for Linux, and another for Windows, probably yet another for Mac etc - you can see why this isn't feasible.

Moreover, please note that QxlwinReader can only handle "LBA" type image files, i.e. ones where files are written consecutively to the disk (FAT allowing), without taking into account that they should be split up between tracks, cylinders and heads. If I had an example of a Qubide disk image file actually making use of tracks, cylinders and heads I **might** be able to figure this out, too. I believe that Alain Haoui has written a driver for these types of disks.

Moreover, for the time being, QxlwinReader only handles the first partition of a Qubide disk image file. There is no reason why it shouldn't be able to handle the other partitions, too - except that, there again, I don't have an example of an image file with several partitions, and so would be unable to test this. Knowing myself, letting out untested software would not be doing you a favour...



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Of course I misunderstood and I thought Wolfgang was referring to a floppy
disk transfer. Can you please provide the link for the download of this "DD"



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Davide wrote:

Having had to transfer a full QL system based on SGC/Qubide to .win
with 150 Mb, using DD would have been quite a nightmare.

Why should dd be a nightmare? Are you aware that dd means a utility program,
not floppies?


I understand the effort to write such sw might not be negligible, but
a utility which could manage to read native Qubide hard disks on a PC
and transfer files to a .win file (and maybe vicecersa) I think would
be very useful.

If you have a PC with IDE port anyway, then where is the problem to use dd
to get the image?


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