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If it were possible, it would be nice that with QXL, you should not have a QXL.WIN for DOS device (C :, D :, E: etc.), but it would be
configurable as with QPC in any subdirectories

This can be simulated on the PC side in the AUTOEXEC.BAT with a DOS command like SUBST: e.g. SUBST X: D:\qxl\data This way you can point win2 to drive 'X' and put your QXL.win inside the given directory and there is no need to create up to 8 partitions.
For 'X' you can use characters that do not upset anything on the PC side.

GC / SGG / Aurora The DD floppy problem. It's not
just formatting but also reading/writing. They just do not work.
Verified on both Aurora + SGC and QL + simple CG. I only have ED
drives, so I do not know if the problem exists by using other hardware
such as HD floppy drives or DD floppy drives.

This problem also exists on the HD drive of my Aurora or QXL-PC.
If I can find a working DD drive I may test this later.


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