Hi Norman,

I (apparently) wrote this about 20 years ago. This has reminded me that the
idea was to write some kind of debugger for superbasic, but I really don't
remember how it worked.

You're right of course about local variables. Perhaps my experience with
programming since I wrote this will enable me to overcome the problems that
I was obviously having then.



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> Dilwyn asked: "...has huge problems with local variables, which seem
> to lose their names when out of scope. If anyone knows how to reconnect
> local variables to their names when they are out of scope, please let me
> know. "
> Could you explain, for the old and infirm (me), how you mean "goes out of
> scope", please?
> I'm obviously not understanding what you wrote because a variable that
> goes out of scope, in any language, will become undefined, or completely
> missing,  surely? Do any value it had, will be 'lost'.
> Sorry if I'm being particularly thick this morning!
> Cheers,
> Norm.
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