really great news ! Thanks!!

BTW , I have installed the QL-SD hardware in one of my QLs and it works well with GoldCard, although no way to have it working with the SGC .

I am looking forward to buy another QL-SD adapter but I am not able to find it anywhere on the net.


On 22/01/2018 12:22, Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users wrote:
What is expected to happen if SMSQ/E is loaded on a
GoldCard/Minerva/QL-SD system with this driver at $C000 in ROM?
The driver is expected to work as well as it can with GoldCard, i.e.
probably not at all. Your comment below says it all!

Remark: This new driver can not be expected to resolve the signal
quality issue between (Super)GoldCard and QL-SD. This remains a
hardware problem.


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