On 2 Feb 2018 at 16:25, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:

> Well, I said I'd do it and apparently I did it:
> https://www.kilgus.net/2018/02/02/clonetastic-ql-sd-clone-working-with-goldcard-clone/

What surprises me is this: "With the original Verilog code my clone 
didn't work at all, so it's definitely not just the different chip."

With a normal GC, the original QL-SD worked relatively well, 
compared to the SGC. On some GC systems it was even fully stable 
hardware-wise. So if we assume that the electrical characteristics 
of the XC9572 play a minor role, why did it not work _at_all_?

A significant difference between Original GC and Tetroid?


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