pgraf--- via Ql-Users wrote:
>> Would it help to put a 74-style Schmitt-trigger in
>> front of ROMOEH or something like that?
->> qlromext-sch.pdf, see U4 ;)

:-) I totally forgot that the design is available, even though I
already had it on my hard drive, so I must have known at some point

> I guess the best solution would be another QL-SD design with an old,
> slow PLD.

I've already started putting together a clone using an Xilinx
XC9572XL, which I have lying around. The Verilog file compiled from
the get-go, I just had to remove the additional SS lines because of
Pin restrictions in the small chip on my eval board. The long lines to
the board might not exactly help, though... might take a while, but I
will try to make a GoldCard compatible QL-SD one way or another, now
that I have your release to base it on :-)


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