It seems bizarre to me that the creator of these lists
is incapable of seeing their function. The lists are
not just a venue for the exchange of technical
information. They are, in fact, the meeting places of
a community. A community that shares the same desires
but not necessarily the same levels of expertise. It
is also a community that changes over time.
Communities don't learn. People do. As a result,
simple questions get asked again and again. And again.

The problem isn't people not doing research or using
google or reading TILs. Face it, Dan Knight, users
start doing that and there's no need for the lists. At
least that's the way you see it. The way I see it is
that the problem isn't people not reading the FAQ.
It's people getting beaten over the head with the FAQ
by pickle. Yes, pickle. It's time for him to move on.

It is incontrovertible that pickle is an arrogant,
obnoxious, self-important, abusive individual who
believes that he is above the community. The so-called
nannies are too afraid to rein him in.  Dan Knight
undermines their authority by coming to pickle's
defense when there is no defense for his constant need
to humiliate newbies. His need is to be pitied because
it far beyond pathetic.

Chris Lawson, it's time for you to move on. Write a
book. Go see a movie. Get laid. Maybe if you work on
your arrogance you'll have another girlfriend.
Someday. You've done what you needed to do unless your
chronic insecurity has to be fed by bashing newbies or
harassing people who know as much as you do. Aren't
you embarrassed to be still on these lists and sending
obscene and disgusting emails to people off-list when
they anger you? Don't you debase yourself when you
arrogantly trash people who don't know about pram
batteries or case cleaning or video cards? Your ego
must be miles wide but only about an inch thick if
this is all you can come up with. 

It's really pathetic.


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