Paul Stamsen wrote:
 > At 15:58 -0800, 2/13/03,   (Grin With Me)  observed:
 >>  It seems bizarre to me that the creator of these lists
 >>  is incapable of seeing their function. The lists are
 >  The writer of the above has been banned.

Why? For venturing an opinion? In the first paragraph, IMHO, a quite 
valid opinion.

I've been subscribed to a few of these lists for a number of years, and 
it seems that some remain a community while others become... I don't 
know exactly what the word is.  Looking at how the posts sort into my 
folders seems to tell the tale. On any given day, 50-100 into the G3 and 
PCI folders, typically 5-15 into the Toaster and Quad folders. About the 
same volume as the MAX list. Perhaps the new visitors wish to be helped, 
not told to go scroll four screens full of instructions that may or may 
not apply to their personal situation.

Might be that they're just trying to see what kind of folks hang out here.

In my observation, a whole lot less friendly folks than hang out some 
other places. "Read the FAQ", "It's in the FAQ", and similar replies are 
like calling Tech Support and being told, "RTFM". It probably *is* in 
the FM, but I can't find it.

I pay $10/mo more than I should for ISP access just because I can pick 
up the phone at three ayem and talk to a human being.  I usually tell 
*them* what the problem is, but the ability to speak w/ a human is worth 
the price.  Community.

"Are we kinder and gentler yet?"

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