Paul Tansom wrote:

>Anyway, straying way OT here, so I'd better stop before I'm reprimanded!

A little OT isn't always bad, you are right of course.

>To finish on a Mac note, are there any recommended sites for free Macs
>software for older Macs?  I've taken a look at the LEM site (obviously)
>and tracked down WordPerfect 3.5, Nisus and Netscape but feel an AV
>program would be advisable (I use AVG under 'doze, and my mail is done
>on Linux CLI so is pretty safe).  An SSH client would be handy too.

Debain runs nice enough on a 68k in CLI, but challanged in X, still playing.

AV for a old mac would be disinfectant, something like that, viri ;) 
viruses are rare on a 68k mac, heck some may be worth catching. The FAQ 
is a good place to start. InfoMac, maybe 
or may fill 
in some gray spots. A general google search should yeild usable returns. 
Links in links but worth a sniff. Hotline has a few good 68k servers 
running, hotline was a mac tool to begin with. Apple has expanded its 
freeware over the years and is always worth a look, take a shovel.

Hope there's something useful.
Glad to see you didn't leave Mr. McCann :)

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