** the pickle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-02-17 13:00]:
> At 12:11 +0000 on 17/02/03, Paul Tansom wrote:
> >box too - it's still in its shrink wrap!  With any luck I'll track down
> >a cheap copy of 8.6 soon as a few apps I've seen around seem to use it
> >as the minimum requirement (Opera springs to mind as the main one as I
> >want to use it for web page checking).
> Note that 8.6 won't run on anything without a PPC CPU in it, which makes it
> generally OT for this list except in the cases where it's running on
> PPC-upgraded Quads (which requires a software hack in most cases).

No problem, I'm on the PowerMac list as well to cover my PPC unit, as
well as the Max and UK ones.  No rush in upgrading, I've not mastered
the Mac OS I have yet!

> There also isn't a 68K version of Opera, but it's such a marginal browser on
> the Mac platform, I wonder why anyone would bother using it anyway.  iCab is
> far superior, and it doesn't *cost* anything.

iCab, that rings a bell, but not relating to Macs for some reason - I
really must get one on my desk permanently.

** end quote [the pickle]

Interestingly enough, I've now tracked down the manual for my monitor -
just needed to search on "Apple Mulitple Scan 15" instead of "Apple
Multiscan 15", it makes all the difference!  I haven't got it working
with my LC475 for some reason - may be the way I have my converters set,
I'll have to check tomorrow.  Now I've tested the screens properly I'm
wondering why I bothered - one has some burn in (although not really
noticable if you have a patterned background) and the other seems to go
a bit yellow towards the right side (although otherwise it's pretty
crisp).  I may have to ditch them and use a VGA screen instead - not
that that's a major issue, I need the space!

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