>There also isn't a 68K version of Opera, but it's such a marginal browser on
>the Mac platform, I wonder why anyone would bother using it anyway.  iCab is
>far superior, and it doesn't *cost* anything.
>the pickle

-> iCab isn't the fastest beastie on a IIci (yes, I have the cache card and
while 32M RAM isn't much it works for what I do...and yes, I plan to get
more one day). Also, Opera did promise a 68K version of their browser.
However, they have never delivered. Someday I'll try my copy of MacWeb 2.0
just to see how well it works. :P


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   It is no secret (nor should it come as any surprise) that humankind's
most noble impulses often surface during the most trying of times, that
human spirit rises to the challenge when faced with adversity, that human
strength is born from human failings...Is it any wonder, then, that the
SDF-1 crew became a tighter family after the fortress had been exiled than
it had before?

     From the log of Captain (later Admiral) Henry Gloval

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