** the pickle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-02-17 03:31]:
> >1. does anyone know where I can get some more information on the old
> >Apple Multiscan 15 monitors I have.  They don't have speakers, which all
> >the closest matches I've found to (15AV, etc.) and have M2978 as the
> >model number.  Quite disapointing size of screen wise for what seems to
> >indicate being a 15" screen, but they work.  Currently by using a Mac to
> >PC monitor adapter since they use a high density 15 pin connector and
> >not the low density that my 460, 475s, 630 and 6320 have - surely they
> >should connect straight on and not use an adapter, they are after all
> Sounds like the Australian MS15s I've seen, which also had a VGA connector.
> I'm pretty sure they support the same resolutions as the normal MS15s.

Thanks, I'll have to take a closer look at the specs on them then.  I've
had them working fine with the Macs I have and the converter, so I could
experiment a little!

> >2. since these machines are from a company I'm looking to wipe them and
> >reinstall a clean system.  Not being familiar with Macs I'm not 100%
> If you wanna wipe and install, just boot from the CD, wipe it out with HD SC
> Setup or Drive Setup, and then do an installation.   Clean installs are for
> when you want to do a fresh install without reformatting.

Aha, thanks for that, I was beginning to think it may have been a bit of
a dumb question having read on a bit in the manual and found something
on clean installs - I must get on and try it really.  The main reason I
haven't is the lack of an Apple CD for the LC's - the PPC unit is
working OK and I don't really want to mess with it until I know what I'm
doing - with any luck the Apple CD I now have will work fine when put
into the external casing I've got.  I really ought to open the MacOS 8
box too - it's still in its shrink wrap!  With any luck I'll track down
a cheap copy of 8.6 soon as a few apps I've seen around seem to use it
as the minimum requirement (Opera springs to mind as the main one as I
want to use it for web page checking).

** end quote [the pickle]

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