On 13 Jan 2017, at 16:16, Paul Jakma wrote:

On Fri, 13 Jan 2017, Paul Jakma wrote:

I've noticed elsewhere that people seem to think NetDEF == Quagga. What have you been telling people at conferences?

I'd been waiting for you to announce your fork (and note, you can _not_ spam this list with marketing material on it; inc. 'heads up' stuff), but that reminds me:

You need to fix your website(s) and other material where reasonable to update references to the Quagga project so it is very clear Quagga is a different thing to NetDEF, and acknowledge the trademark[1] legibly. Where it's HTML, make "Quagga" go to https://www.quagga.net/ .

1. I registered that soon after I heard the first whispers of your
   fork, after the David issue.

No point to discuss this on the list. If there is a confusion at some page, then please let me know in a private email the specifics (i.e. where and maybe a suggestion on how you
would like it changed) and I do my best to get it fixed.

I tried to make it clear in presentations and on the website that we are just a contributor like everyone else. Maybe I screwed up somewhere and I apologize for this. Just asking for
a chance on getting it fixed.

- Martin

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