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On Tuesday, 22 November 2016 13:41:30 UTC+11, Loren Rogers  wrote:
On 11/21/2016 06:24 PM, Drew White wrote:
On Tuesday, 22 November 2016 06:04:43 UTC+11, Loren Rogers  wrote:
On 11/21/2016 11:04 AM, Loren Rogers wrote:
On 11/21/2016 12:42 AM, Drew White wrote:
On Sunday, 20 November 2016 04:56:03 UTC+11, Loren Rogers  wrote:
Another correlation I've noticed is that my machine randomly shuts
itself down without warning when I'm browsing in the Anon-Whonix VM. It
seems that simply having the Whonix browser open causes the problem.
I've not been able to pin down an exact cause, but it seems to happen
after about 5-20min. When this happens, the machine sometimes ends
up in
a hung state (black screen) at the end of the shutdown process.

I've also noticed that the fan speeds up right at it starts to
(The screen turns to the Qubes logo with the progress bar, then the fan
cranks up.) Sometimes the bar makes it all the way to the end, other
times it seems to simply crash to a hault. As I mentioned elsewhere,
Thinkpad X201t is known to have overheating issues, but I'm not sure if
this is related. I'm not working the machine particularly hard (just
browsing articles on the web), and the hardware is not particularly hot
to the touch.
When it gets to the qubes logo screen, press ESC to see what it's
actually doing.

If you wish to always know what it's doing, turn off rhgb and quiet
in the boot config.

Then you will see where the issue is.
Thanks, I'll give that a shot next time it happens. I feel like it'll
go by too quickly for me to see what's happening; does it also write
its activity to a log somewhere?
I can now confirm that it's an over heating issue. When it went into the
automatic shutdown sequence, I pressed escape and managed to take note
of a few of the messages. One of the very first ones was something about
"thermal_zone_0 critical temperature reached: 128C", which I assume is
the cause. (This isn't an exact quote, since I noted it from memory.)

This raises some questions:
- What could be causing this overheating issue in Whonix?
- Is 128C a normal temperature for the safety shutdown to kick in?
- Does Qubes have a warning / alert system for potential overheat? (Like
low battery)
It is a high temperature, but does it ONLY happen in Whonix?
Or if you push the PC does it happen also?
Have you tried limiting the threads Whonix can use?

Sometimes CPUs have shutdown at 99 degrees.
So 128 degrees is a bit high in my own opinion.

I recommend you check the CPU Fan and heatsinks (if it has them).
Thanks for the input - I just dusted out the fan, and we'll see if it
helps. It wasn't too bad, but we'll see if there's an improvement.

No, it also randomly goes into auto-shutdown when backing up VMs.
However, that happens about 20% of the time. Whonix seems to do it about
80% of the time, the other 20% I figure I shut it down before it does so
on its own. I figure there may be something in the Whonix VM that's
causing my processor to over work itself. The auto-shutdowns may be
ultimately linked to dust in the fan or something like that, but if
there's something processor intensive in Whonix, it may be worth looking

Also, a heat warning message would be nice. I assume the thresholds are
set via the bios - is there a standard way of monitoring this? (I'm not
particularly well versed in this sort of thing.)

I recommend you get your HDD checked, and your RAM.

Test both thoroughly.
Could be some bad sectors.
Also run a smartd check.

Some PCs have system diagnostics built in for RAM in the startup sequence.
Thinkpads have known problem that after long time of usage GPU radiator glued to 
the chip goes loose and X201 is rather older model. Not sure how to measure GPU 
temp but if this is the case you can improve it yourself with superglue & 
silver smear or any repair shop around shall do it for a few coppers.
Thanks everyone -- this is great info.

I think the dust removal was really helpful. I've noticed that the fan is working a lot less, and it's not crashing during backups like it did before. I'll check the HDD and RAM soon, and I'll keep the GPU radiator issue in mind. (I had no idea this was an issue - thanks for the pointer!)

Any thoughts on a temperature warning message?

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