On Wednesday, 4 January 2017 02:19:20 UTC+11, Ronald Duncan  wrote:
> This thread just sprung to life again.
> I had a quick look at
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/templates/
> And along with Debian which is installed by default both 
> Arch and
> Ubuntu
> Are available...
But not for Dom0... that is the main issue for me.
Need a Slackware build. At least then there will be no SystemD crap.

> My personal preference in Ubuntu because it generally just works, and Arch 
> because it has the latest version of everything when every you have the 
> problem that xyz does not work because it needs the latest version.  That the 
> distribution maintainer has not yet made available in your favourite distro.  
> I have not yet tried these templates.
> Since I am a xfce fan I love qubes UI along with all the other parts.

I am an xFCE fan as well. It's a simple interface and just works smoothly, 
unlike KDE and Gnome which are so bloated.
> Only gripe is no Win10 template ( and the various issues getting Windows to 
> work - no password ).

I have found no issues getting windows to work with no password. I just set the 
auto Login, and done.

There are no tools for Win10, so until then, all good. But if you want to use 
the tools, stick to version until they fix them, because the tools got 
broken in version, and I have not seen a version that is fixed yet.

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