On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 09:17:43PM +0000, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Now I get another error OTOH, but I'll try a fresh reinstallation of 4.0rc1 
> first, before
> reporting that exact error…

whoohooo - that fresh installation on an x260 for the first time showed
reliable suspend+resumes, I've done 42 suspends of the machine (which, granted,
was not doing anything) and it successfully resumed 42 times \o/

which to me is quite very amazing, running qubes 3.2 I'd estimate the success
rate rather to be 60% or so, maybe 70%… (while the same machine running 
Debian 8 also had 99.x% successful resumes…)

so far so very good. i'm curious whether this will also be the case with qubes
3.2.1 and a 4.9 kernel (so far only tried with the older 4.8 one from the
qubes repos…)

(but then, see the other mail on this list about my problems installing the
4.9 kernel on qubes 3.2…)

OTOH, wireless didnt work after a few resumes (qubes 4.0rc1), i assume this 
can be fixed by unloading+reloading the module, but…

I'm happy as long as resume works.

        Holger, who really did those 42 suspends and resumes…

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