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On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 11:25:11AM +0200, Zrubi wrote:
> On 07/31/2017 01:43 PM, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki wrote:
> > https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2017/07/31/qubes-40-rc1/
> My Very First Impressions:
> - the "test this media & install Qubes" is hanging forever on my T450.
> Before the graphical "qubes loader screen", I see some strange error
> messages. Need to be fast to capture however. Was not lucky to get it.

I've seen some problems with USB 3.0 on T460p. Basically it throws a lot
of I/O errors - sometimes during boot, sometimes in the middle of
installation. Using USB 2.0 stick, or USB 2.0 hub (or just cable)

> - The isntall process is really looooong.
> Not debugged jet but the creating initramfs seems to be running forever.
> But at least was successfull at the end :)

Is it just about initramfs and "post installation tasks" - compared to
the whole installation time? There may be some bug causing initramfs
being generated twice (or more...) - I think I've fixed something like
this before, but maybe not all the places. If you think it's important,
please open issue on github.

> - the missing Qubes Manager is a pain.
> - the 'replacement' in the task bar is small and buggy:
>    the tooltip? like thing is randomly shirk to unusable. But too
> samll in general. I have 40 vm's right now.

What do you mean by "randomly shirk to unusable"? Can you provide a

> - the vm setting windows is the old one, no new features are usable
> from that GUI :(

Sadly that's true. Working on major features (like Admin API) took much
more time than anticipated, and we didn't want to delay 4.0 any further.
In practice there are not so much missing things, that are useful for
normal usage. I'd say this list:
 - booting from external disk (useful to install windows)
 - firewall rules
 - network settings (custom IP, etc)
 - allow starting DispVM out of this AppVM

I've created this ticket to track it:

If you think some more will be useful, please comment there.

> - memory balancing are enabled on PCI asigned VM's.

In practice it is not, because VM itself have it disabled if have some
PCI device. So the issue is reporting it in GUI.

> - network manager applet is (still?) not show on first start.
> need to restart the sys-net VM to shown.
> - still only 8 available colors for the VM's. :(((
> Again: I have 40 of them.

Most backend code to support more labels is done. The (important!)
missing part is window manager support. AFAIR currently only awesome and
xfce4 generate colorful borders dynamically, other window managers
(especially KDE) have it hardcoded.

If you want to try, take a look here:
Then use qubesd-query tool to issue those API calls. For example:
echo -n 0x00ffff | qubesd-query dom0 admin.label.Create dom0 cyan

(testing this, I've found you need to kill `qvm-start-gui --all --watch`
process and start it again after creating label)

> - no VM status GUI. :(
> The old Qubes manager would be fine till a the new tools(?) not ready
> for use.

What do you mean? Domains widget is specifically there to show you
VM status.

> - the 'new' Qubes firewall solution causing more confusions.
>   - mixed iptables and nftables? why?

What do you mean by mixed? Setting for VMs are applied using nftables if
supported (Fedora), or iptables when not (Debian). Not both.

>   - the old GUI not allow to use the new features.
>   - even if Allow is the default policy I see a DROP rule at the end.
>       Why? :o

To fail closed - if something goes wrong, there will be that DROP rule
at the end anyway.

> - qubes-hcl-report is not included.
> just tested it (the latest version from github) and it working with
> 4.0 out of the box.

Oh, I don't know how it happened. Will fix it shortly.

> - no KDE group available
> Maybe the same reason with the recent 3.2?

Probably, I will look into it shortly.

> Probably I'm the last KDE user under Qubes - and I just started to
> migrate to XFCE because of the unresolved issues with KDE since the
> 3.2 release. And see no progress in 4.0
> So I would really appreciate some statement if Qubes will really drop
> KDE support. I can accept that, but then I not waste my time trying to
> make it work. Instead focusing to fix the XFCE issues I have ;)

I think we can say that KDE migrated from "ITL supported" to "community
supported". OTOH Fedora 25 in dom0 brings also updated KDE, so maybe
some issues are fixed.

> - the default login screen is just ugly. I know that this is not the
> first priority, and not even a technical issue. But new users will see
> that ugly thing first. So it's should be a Qubes skinned one. at least.

Hmm, I do see Qubes logo in the background there. Do you have something

Thanks for detailed report/review, we really appreciate it!
We receive a lot of emails, so if there is some actionable items, better
create issue on github, so we will not loose it...

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Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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