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On 07/31/2017 01:43 PM, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki wrote:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2017/07/31/qubes-40-rc1/

My Very First Impressions:

- - the "test this media & install Qubes" is hanging forever on my T450.
Before the graphical "qubes loader screen", I see some strange error
messages. Need to be fast to capture however. Was not lucky to get it.

- - The isntall process is really looooong.
Not debugged jet but the creating initramfs seems to be running forever.
But at least was successfull at the end :)

- - the missing Qubes Manager is a pain.
- - the 'replacement' in the task bar is small and buggy:
   the tooltip? like thing is randomly shirk to unusable. But too
samll in general. I have 40 vm's right now.

- - the vm setting windows is the old one, no new features are usable
from that GUI :(

- - memory balancing are enabled on PCI asigned VM's.

- - network manager applet is (still?) not show on first start.
need to restart the sys-net VM to shown.

- - still only 8 available colors for the VM's. :(((
Again: I have 40 of them.

- - no VM status GUI. :(
The old Qubes manager would be fine till a the new tools(?) not ready
for use.

- - the 'new' Qubes firewall solution causing more confusions.
  - mixed iptables and nftables? why?
  - the old GUI not allow to use the new features.
  - even if Allow is the default policy I see a DROP rule at the end.
      Why? :o

- - qubes-hcl-report is not included.
just tested it (the latest version from github) and it working with
4.0 out of the box.

- - no KDE group available
Maybe the same reason with the recent 3.2?
Probably I'm the last KDE user under Qubes - and I just started to
migrate to XFCE because of the unresolved issues with KDE since the
3.2 release. And see no progress in 4.0

So I would really appreciate some statement if Qubes will really drop
KDE support. I can accept that, but then I not waste my time trying to
make it work. Instead focusing to fix the XFCE issues I have ;)

- - the default login screen is just ugly. I know that this is not the
first priority, and not even a technical issue. But new users will see
that ugly thing first. So it's should be a Qubes skinned one. at least.

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