On 08/04/2017 07:19 AM, Zrubi wrote:
>>> But still feels like a bare naked login screen. IMHO this should
>>> be just as important as the Qubes boot (splash) screen.
>> Which also have similar aesthetic. Do you think about just some
>> better background there, or some bigger change?
> A would say it's needs a bigger change.
> But of course this is really subjective, and currently do not have
> time to design a qubes related skin for the login manager :(
> So this is just my (and my surroundings) opinion.
> Handle with sustenance ;)

On a related note, I would love to see some better Qubes graphics
design. Especially, in my opinion, better built-in choices for the
desktop wallpaper.

Good default wallpaper makes a big difference in first impression of an
OS. (And until #215 is implemented, users who aren't comfortable with
Linux will have a hard time figuring out how to set a custom dom0
wallpaper themselves, and will probably expose dom0 to an untrusted
image in any case.)

Maybe there are some graphics designers or professional photographers in
the Qubes community. I wonder if a call for wallpaper submissions or
something similar could help?

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