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On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 12:42:01PM -0700, mikihonz...@gmail.com wrote:
> Some bugs, one pretty deal breaking:

Thanks for the report.

> If I remove an application from the appmenu, I am unable to set it again. 
> More specifically I can set it in the VM-settings, but it won't show up in 
> the Appmenu again. 
> The color of a VM can be changed, but again this is not reflected in the 
> Appmenu. The VM itself (the running apps) have the correct window color.

Created ticket for this:
You can see there for a workaround.

> Overall performance is OK, starting a Fedora VM takes longer than usual, 
> about 1min. Work VM (not app) didn't start when I selected the chromium app 
> from the appmenu. I had to start the VM from cli and then I could start 
> Chromium. 

That's weird, did you get any error? 

> The Qubes Manager is greatly missed! Especially the backup-restore. I tried 
> to restore VMs from 3.2 which didn't work at all:
> First it showed a lot of my VMs with the prefix "disps" ? (The backup had 
> only templates and 2 AppVms).

This is because how 4.0 deals with different DispVM settings. To restore
setting of 3.2 as much as possible, it create dispvm for each netvm used

> I had to exclude -x a lot of Vms, honestly a pain when I just wanted one 
> important VM to restore, 

Instead of excluding, you can list VMs to include, just after backup

> but got several python errors STDOUT and read errors. Restoring all was the 
> same and I had a list with 20 broken VMs, no apps in their menu, starting 
> gave libxl error. I used verbose and the 2 ignore options.

Do you have those messages saved somewhere? That would be really useful
to track down the issue...

> Removing them with cli, all a bit tedious ;(
> Finally, If someone knows how to create a VM for iso booting from CLI I would 
> greatly appreciate a short info here. 

This is a missing part...

> Looking forward to some docs/explanation on the changed qvm* tools since we 
> are now supposed to do it from the command line. 

There will be separate post about it, but see below.

> E.g. How to make net/proxy/app VM (qvm-create has some classes now...?) 

This one is possible also from GUI - in main menu you have "Create Qubes
VM" option and there you have "provides network" option which allow you
to create net/proxy VM.

> qvm-prefs options (kernel boot extern/intern and netvm settings), 

There is qvm-prefs --help-properties, which shows details about each

> changes with LVM pools(? there was a option --boot-root-from-file?) , booting 
> VM from iso file etc.

See above...

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Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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