A worry I've been thinking about regarding the backup feature missing, is that 
it seems like it's intended to be used through the AdminVM over a network. In 
other words, this seems more like a move towards business users, rather than 
the regular every day user that might prefer an external USB drive through a 
GUI window. 

Qubes is moving towards business users, we already know that much. But are the 
regular users getting ignored now as a result? or are both still being seen as 
primary users? 

It's clear that Qubes 4 took a lot of hard work, so perhaps there just wasn't 
enough time to work on everyday touch and feels, like proper GUI and user 

But the deep worry that Qubes might or might not be giving up on normal users, 
is definitely there for me. I have high hopes for Qubes to change the PC/Mobile 
environment of the future, forcing the hand on any other OS out there. There 
should be no issues to support both users and businesses. 

It's not that I believe this, but the elephant is still in the room. Are users 
getting ignored now? or was it just because Qubes 4 had so much work that there 
was little time left for anything else?

If the latter is indeed the case, what is the next everyday user experience 
development in planning? Gnome 3? Return of GUI tools such as backup? Graphics 
in VM's for high end graphics? Gaming even? I mean, I do believe if these 
mentioned issues were fixed, Qubes could draw in quite a lot of new users. 
Heck many gamers care about privacy and security too, there is a large 
user-base there if you manage to make gaming through virtualization work 
Think about it, how highly connected gamers are through gaming news etc., if 
gaming worked in Qubes, it'd in my opinion draw a lot of positive attention, 
and a likely substantial Qubes userbase growth. Getting graphics to work in 
Qubes is being seen as a low priority, for the life of me, I cannot see why 
this is the case, with so many potential new Qubes users laying in wait.

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