Additional information, I forgot to mention:

Am 05.08.2017 12:49 nachm. schrieb "P R" <>:


Am 05.08.2017 10:28 vorm. schrieb "Marek Marczykowski-Górecki" <>:

Probably yes - without VT-x and VT-d, initial configuration failed.

I have no restarted installation on my Lenovo X200 with VT-x and VT-d
enabled but it seems that the installation hangs after booting up.
I have removed rhgb quiet and set console=vga to see what is happening.
After the first few lines the displays clears and I get a black screen
while the drive LED is on (so there seems to be some activity, but nothing

I remember that there were some issues with installing Qubes on a X200.

When I boot with VT-d disabled the Qubes 4 installer works and is booting
into the Graphical installation GUI.

So it seems that there is a problem launching the installer with VT-d
But without VT-d I get error messages after the installation has finished,
which means that I am currently out of luck installation Qubes 4 on my X200.


- PhR

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