I'm excited about the work you did on Qubes 4, it looks good so far. Can't wait 
to see the final stable version.

Obvious bugs during alpha/beta stages aside, I do feel sorrow for the lack of 
the Qubes VM Manager as well., and some other minor things that may have major 
user impact for some people.

- VM Backup GUI seems missing. Is this perhaps something still being worked on 
and is coming later? Seems really odd that it's missing. I am by no means 
worried about using the terminal, but it's often extra work. Which is really 
bad when it takes away valuable time, especially when on the move and in a 
hurry. It is also a disadvantage for people who are visually stronger to gather 
a mental overview of their system.

- Seems like there is a missing ability to see inactive VM's for the visual 
users (Just like the 3.2 VM Manager can show inactive VM's). This is really 
important for some people, while not important for some others. Albeit, perhaps 
I just missed the feature to turn it on in the widget?

- Not sure of this one, it might just be due to the VM starting bug, but it 
seems like we can't easily have an overview of used memory/drive space for each 
VM anymore? If true, this is a big problem for people on limited hardware 
resources, who need to be mindful of what is currently running in order not to 
spend it all up. For example (A contrast example), I never worry if I use all 
memory, it's essentially almost impossible for me to use it all up inside 
normal use cases. However on my "8GB ram/128GB SDD" laptop/tablet hybrid 
running Qubes, this is a very, very different story altogether.
Devices are only getting smaller, the inability to upgrade drives or memory in 
the near future, seems to make smart software more important than ever before. 
Having good overview of VM resources is imho a really, really good thing.
Especially because not everyone runs around with laptops that have 12-16+ GB 

- VM colors? It might be my limited knowledge here, but adding extra colors, 
even if just a few, shouldn't take long? 5-10 minutes to add? I might just be 
super naive here. But having said that, even a few extra colors would be really 
nice. Heck, even light and dark color versions, like for example light/dark 
variants of (blue,red,purple,green, etc.).

I did not have much time to look around, so perhaps I just missed some of the 
changes, but this is my first impression nontheless.

Having said that, I'm really, really excited about the increased virtualization 
security and the AdminVM features. Can't say nothing else but that it's an 
amazing job you guys did there (and a lot of hard work too, which we end users 
should appreciate more).

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