On Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 12:23:28 PM UTC, JPL wrote:
> For some reason the debian template didn't install when I installed Qubes, 
> even though I selected it. No matter I thought, I'll do it manually.
> However following the instructions here: 
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/templates/debian/
> namely: 
> [user@dom0 ~]$ sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-debian-8
> I get "Nothing to do. Complete"
> qvm-ls reveals that debian-8 is absent.
> Is this instruction out of date or do I need to enable something first? Any 
> tips appreciated.

The template re-install is currently broken, and requires fixing in a future 
patch. I've had/seen mixed results with the plain template install too (rather 
than re-install), so I suspect it's at least partly broken too? Either way it's 
not you, this is something that likely needs patch fixing. Possibly you can 
re-install Qubes and hope debian installs (sometimes work?, see below), or you 
could try move debian from one of your 3.2. backup archives, and then update it 
in Qubes 4 (hope for the best that the 3.2. template Qubes tools won't get in 
the way). 

Also, in my own experience, I've installed Qubes 4 RC-2 on now 4-5 different 
hardware machines, including various different CPU architecturs, from the Intel 
i5 line, Intel M line, and Ryzen 3 1200. I've experienced different results. 

For example, I never got debian working on my Intel i5 or Intel M 
architectures, but for what seems like a paradoxial twist of fate, my Ryzen 
architecture installs all templates perfectly fine, including debian-8. 
Everything just work here. 

But on my Intel i5 or M processers, all which support minimum Qubes 4 specs 
btw, and HVM works just fine, however debian-8 just doesn't work. 

I've had mixed results with Whonix-ws and Whonix-gw on the Intel architectures 
too, however fedora worked mostly on all systems.

Frankly I do not know if its caused by different CPU archtectures, however, 
from what I anecdotally experienced, it seems like what made the difference. 

Also if you encounter python errors during the very last stage of Qubes 4 
install, immediately reinstall, no second thoughts. Apparently this happens for 
no easy to observe reason too, but I'm able to make the last stage Qubes 
configuration work properly by re-installing a few times, try different 
settings, mess and push the system a little around, trial and error. Eventually 
I got a clean install, with no last stage python errors. I do not know exactly 
what made it work, or what caused it, except trial and error, and trying 
different install settings, seemed to work.

Also seen install and system stability outcomes between legacy BIOS and UEFI, 
however I did not test it extensively, nor can I confirm if it truly is so. 
It's just something I took slight notice of, and in my case, legacy BIOS seemed 
to fix my Ryzen system, which now runs Qubes templates flawlessly, except for 
the missing CPU features in this kernel, but at least it works.

Hopefully you can use any of this, but as said, nothing conclusive. But merely 
some experience and observation from many Qubes 4 RC-2 installs, on various 
different hardware systems.

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