On Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 2:19:22 PM UTC, JPL wrote:
> >The first thing to try is 'sudo dnf remove qubes-template-debian-8' to
> >get the package out of there. 
> That gives an error: qvm-template-preprocess: qube with this name does not 
> exist

Try run "dnf search qubes-template-*" in dom0, it'll give you a list of all 
installed Qubes templates. It won't fix it, but it'll confirm if you got it 
currently installed or not. If the package is already installed, it'll explain 
why the install command in the first commend did not work. But in contrast it 
won't explain why you cannot reinstall/uninstall though.

Perhaps the next approach would be to manually remove the debian template? I'm 
a little unsure how to go about it though, especially in Qubes 4. 

Anyone out there thinks its a good idea, and have suggestions on how to go 
about it?

Also I rapport that I tried installing debian-9, with little success, it has 
similar behavior as debian-8. But maybe your debian-9 install would work?

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