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Your only hope is to buy hardware without it such as the new enough to be useful Socket G34 and C32 AMD PRE-PSP Systems, boards KGPE-D16 and KCMA-D8 have libre firmware available and can play video games in a VM via IOMMU-GFX, they also have dual onboard separate USB controllers (you can use the second via a breakout bracket)

Forgot to add, there is also POWER9 (ex: TALOS 2) which is owner controlled and fully open source, one can even replace the microcode.

While POWER has an IOMMU and all the other technical features to run qubes the devs do not compile it for POWER arch yet.

Some ARM CPU's has a IOMMU like technology (GICv3) but I am not sure about the technical details, plus many ARM CPU's are not owner controlled or are made by fly-by-nite chinese companies.

It isn't as if there are no options - people simply keep buying the mainstream stuff.

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