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I'm looking to build a new Desktop specifically for Qubes OS, so my most 
important requirement is compatibility. I currently have 64GB (4 x 16GB) 
288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3400 (PC4 27200)[0] that I'd like to use, and I'm 
looking for a recommendation for the motherboard and CPU. Preferably a 6+ cores 
CPU. What do you guys use?

I'm aware of the HCL page, but I'm mostly interested in knowing your personal 
experience with your current hardware.

[0]: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232264
Zero issues with i7-6800K on an AsRock X99 board. Has PS/2 port, disabling 
Management Engine is possible via built in flashing tool, all hardware sensors 
were detected and it supports PCI-E bifurcation alongside SR-IOV. I'm running 
Mini-itx version which may be unsuitable for your needs as it only takes 32GB 
of ram but it would be pretty safe to assume that full-size AsRock X99 
motherboards would also be fully compatible with Qubes.
That isn't disabling ME, nor ME cleaner - you can NOT disable ME - it is
impossible even the HAP tool doesn't do so.
What's the ME and why disable it?

Your only hope is to buy hardware without it such as the new enough to
be useful Socket G34 and C32 AMD PRE-PSP Systems, boards KGPE-D16 and
KCMA-D8 have libre firmware available and can play video games in a VM
via IOMMU-GFX, they also have dual onboard separate USB controllers (you
can use the second via a breakout bracket)
So I looked at both of these boards[0], they take a DDR3 board, but I found 
this one[1] that takes DDR4, does it still have opensource firmware?

[1]: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132257

That is an entirely unrelated motherboard, the only thing in common is
that they re-used the model suffix "D16" other than that is is
completely different and as it is intel no it can't and it doesn't.

Just get a KGPE-D16 or KCMA-D8 - they're great boards - not only do they
have libre firmware but they also have a secure libre OpenBMC firmware
for remote management.

The D16 comes with the required BMC module (ASMB4-iKVM or ASMB5-iKVM)
but the D8 doesn't.

Sell your DDR4 RAM, the only thing with open source firmware that
accepts DDR4 is the TALOS 2 for $4K - while that is an average price for
server hardware in its performance class (actually a good deal compared
with intel where a single xeon CPU alone costs thousands and only has
one thread per core vs POWER9 8 SMT threads per core) it is still a lot
of money unless you have a need for incredible speed and or incredible
security (POWER9 is open source hardware and entirely owner owner
controlled with no hardware code signing enforcement one can even modify
the microcode)
What do you think of this build 
https://screenshots.firefox.com/fHb14uahx7lEeAGe/secure.newegg.com ? I'm still 
missing cooler, power supply and possibly a TPM, I'd love your recommendation 
for these.

I would buy the RAM and CPU off of ebay, there is no reason to pay $80/ea for that ram or $172 for a 6380 ($100 on ebay) you could get a 6386SE for that price. (needs 140W cooler FYI) No reason to get the "protection plan" for anything either its a waste of money.

For the cooler I would get the 140W G34 cooler from noctua (needs 4U case as it is tall)

PSU make sure you get a good brand with dual EPS12V (not adapters), I suggest one that has modular cables.

If you want to have 192GB RAM there is a guide on the coreboot wiki you gotta follow to make it work in terms of placement, otherwise I would just get 8GB DIMM's and save money if you only want 128GB.

That case will not work, it is ATX and the KGPE-D16 needs SSI-EEB (only available on a server case) Damn $230 for a crappy ATX case and it isn't even brand new, you could get a really nice 4U supermicro server case for that!

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