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> I would buy the RAM and CPU off of ebay, there is no reason to pay
> $80/ea for that ram or $172 for a 6380 ($100 on ebay) you could get a
> 6386SE for that price. (needs 140W cooler FYI) No reason to get the
> "protection plan" for anything either its a waste of money.
> The cheapest I found the 6380 on ebay is 129.95
https://www.ebay.com/itm/372177489204 I found cheaper but with higher
shipping fee. I wasn't ablet to find a good/cheap 1600 DDR3 sticks. I did
find a cheaper board https://www.ebay.com/itm/132447255551 I'll buy the
board for now and continue looking for the rest. Your help would be
appreciated, are you anywhere on irc?

For the cooler I would get the 140W G34 cooler from noctua (needs 4U
> case as it is tall)
> PSU make sure you get a good brand with dual EPS12V (not adapters), I
> suggest one that has modular cables.
> If you want to have 192GB RAM there is a guide on the coreboot wiki you
> gotta follow to make it work in terms of placement, otherwise I would
> just get 8GB DIMM's and save money if you only want 128GB.
> That case will not work, it is ATX and the KGPE-D16 needs SSI-EEB (only
> available on a server case)
> Damn $230 for a crappy ATX case and it isn't even brand new, you could
> get a really nice 4U supermicro server case for that!

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