> Does anyone have an idea what the difference livecd-iso-to-disk make,
> compared to isohybrid? If possible, we'd like to installation iso work
> out of the box on UEFI systems, including new ones...

No, but I have what seems like another data point.  On my Lenovo
T520 under UEFI, trying to boot the 4.0rc3 installer produces
similar symptoms: whichever option I choose from the grub menu,
the screen goes blank briefly (I didn't measure, but probably
<2sec), then comes back to the grub menu.  Repeat ad nauseam.

But if I try the same thing from EFI Shell (version 1, because my
UEFI firmware's too old to support version 2), I get this:
    Read failed for initrd.img: Device error
    fs1:\EFI\BOOT>        # i.e. it comes right back to the shell prompt

And sure enough, when I try again from grub, I can *sometimes*
see a very brief flash of purple before the grub menu returns.  I
suspect that Qubes/Xen is displaying the same message, but then
grub is clearing the screen too quickly for me to read it.

  - Hardware: Lenovo T520, model 4239-CTO (this laptop was bought
    in 2012, and has been happily running Ubuntu in UEFI mode
    ever since)

  - BIOS: 8AET56WW (1.36 ) 12/06/2011
      - I think the UEFI version is 2.0, but not totally sure

  - TPM *disabled* (one thing at a time, y'know?)

  - I'm not using USB, but rather a real DVD+R, burned directly
    from the (signature-verified) .iso

  - I've verified the DVD media against the original .iso image
    *after* seeing these symptoms, which suggests it isn't an
    actual media error

So, two things:
  - If this is helpful (and it's a solvable problem), awesome!

  - I'd suggest adding a "Hit <ENTER> to continue" (perhaps with
    timeout) after a failed boot attempt, to keep any error
    message on screen for a while

> I wonder if Fedora netinst iso (_not_ Live iso) boot on such new
> hardware, after directly dd-ing it to USB stick. Can you check that?

I already have :-)  Fedora 27 netinst (again, signature-verified
and burned to optical media) boots successfully.  I aborted the
installer at its first (language) prompt.  I was't sure which
Fedora version 4.0rc3 contains, so picked the newest; if you'd
like me to test an older one, please let me know -- or if you
need more information (including a reboot to verify the UEFI

  - Eric

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