I obviously checked that page (it is the first thing I did, actually). But 
qubes-core-agent is not mentioned at all there. After hours of research, I 
stumbled into this thread 

>From here, dnf search qubes-core-agent gave me what I needed. I'd suggest to 
>mention (at least) the existence of the qubes-core-agent-... packages in 

I'd also suggest to mention qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root in 

I am aware that building an entire operating system is a lot of work and there 
are literally thousands of packages, always changing, to consider. But pages 
like these should be kept up to date. I wouldn't suggest to edit them (some 
information that is still useful for previous qubes versions may be lost), but 
just to index them according to qubes new versions: I'd propose to have a qubes 
3.1, a qubes 3.2 and a qubes 4.0 section, for each page.


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