The XSA mentions PV-in-PVH workaround, the QSB does not. Why Qubes does not go 
this way? Is it due to the timeline of releasing the patch? At first sight, it 
looks like a more general solution – it might be applicable even for VMs with 
PCI devices. (At least, the XSA does not mention such limitations and the 
limitation in Qubes AFAIK arises just from limitation on Linux kernel, not from 

BTW, the table seems to be incorrect about stubdomains in Qubes 3.2. It looks 
like some stubdomains are removed (“Stub domains - VMs w/o PCI devices” is PV 
in 3.2 and N/A in 3.2+.). In 3.2, the stubdomain is not used unless user 
explicitly requires full virtualization, and it is going to be the same.

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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